Spawn Note


My mother Nancy South Reybold has been making art for over 50 years. Many of her paintings hang in my house and in the homes of our family members.  Over the last few years I had been thinking there was a need to start looking at her work from an archivist's perspective. When I learned that Main Street Gallery in Cambridge, MD had asked her to provide a website I thought maybe I could help her organize her paintings  and build out the site. I was also interested in seeing her work presented collectively which would provide a better perspective on her career and allow her to share her art more broadly.

The website is a work in progress. Mom's artistic talent has enabled her to sell many paintings over the years but the transactions were often not recorded and unfortunately many of those paintings were not photographed. She also has many paintings and drawings that still need to be photographed and added to the site. We did have 60 or so slides of her work so we started from there and had them scanned. These scans make up the bulk of the website at this time but we will be adding paintings and drawings as they are located and photographed.  We will be continuing that process so that eventually we might have as complete as possible record of her paintings on this site.

If you own one of my mother's paintings it would be a great help if you would reach out using the contact link on this website so that we can include it here.

Thank you,

Jack Reybold